12-Day Dog-Sledding Race Across The French Alps

Incredible photographs that capture an epic 12-day dog-sledding race across the French Alps (and a top tip for a great place to stay if you want to watch it in 2018)

  • Le Grande Odyssée in Savoie Mont Blanc sees mushers from 12 countries competing for a £50,000 price 
  • Competitors climb more than 60,000 feet – four times the height of Mont Blanc – over two weeks of racing
  • A great place to watch it is Val Cenis Lanslebourg – with its Hotel Saint-Charles highly recommended. 

These are the beautiful images captured:

The Saint Charles, pictured, became the first four-star hotel in Lanslebourg when it opened its doors in 2015

The elite competition is the brainchild of former telecoms magnate Henry Kam, who confessed to dreaming up the audacious idea after a few glasses of wine

The annual Le Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc is now in its 14th year, with 25 mushers competing over nine legs for their share of a £50,000 prize pot. Here a team of huskies pull their musher along during one of nine legs of the 600-mile race. The lake at the bottom of Mont Cenis was frozen as mushing teams from a dozen countries raced past

Teams from snowy outreaches of up to a dozen countries including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and France, battle it out in the canine equivalent of the Tour de France

'I wasn't intending to make it a big race but it now crosses 24 ski resorts,' Mr Henry explains

Some of the landscapes the the mushers pass through is truly magical

Over the duration of the two-week race, competitors climb more than 60,000 feet - the equivalent of four times the height of Mont Blanc

Majestic: Several dog teams are here dwarfed by a mountain as they race through a valley

The mushers start at two-minute intervals then hare up Mont Cenis, where they will spend the night camped under the stars before setting off again the following morning

Stars begin to twinkle as the teams bed in for the night, thousands of feet up in the Alps

The Alps look other-worldly in this exceptional photograph by Vincent Piccerelle

Nathalie Allilaire in this image captures the scale of the Alps as a team races past in the foreground

This shot by Vincent Piccerelle captures a frosty sled, as the dogs looking on restlessly in the background

Picture-postcard perfect: Snow-covered trees line the well-groomed route, with a team of dogs hurtling past

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