12 Memes To Encourage The Vertically Challenged People (Well Not Literally)

You are not alone

While no body prefers being short, nature and that includes the genes we inherit  have a different package for us đŸ˜¢. Smalworld gathered some very interesting memes about what short people go throw everyday.

1. You may kiss the Bride

prom photo

2. When grocery shopping becomes a nightmare

short people grocery

3. Lying on the bath tub could be the difference between drowning and staying afloat

bath problems


4. When you are getting trolled and can’t do anything about it

tall people trolls


5. When your head is a resting agent

leaning post

6. When  keeping up with the kardashians becomes really difficult

small legs

7. When you are constantly reminded that you’re short

8. When getting an items on the top shelf is like climbing Everest

top shelf

9. When your friend is your Goliath


10. When trying to do the laundry becomes another Chronicles of Narnia


11. When trying to see your reflection becomes a luxury you can’t afford


12. When using a booster seat in your car becomes almost nonnegotiable

booster seat

What do you thinks folks?

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