14 Funniest Wildlife Photos Of 2017

Just When We Thought It Was Over

The Born Free Website a project geared towards wildlife awareness and conservation every year receives nomination for some of the funniest wildlife photography taken and this year was a smashing success with breath taking shots of the nature caught raw.

SmalWorld has gathered some of the best shots and hope you love them.

1. LOL Dormouse taken by ANdre Zampatti

Winner Of The Alex Walker’s Serian On The Land Category “The Laughing Dormouse” By Andrea Zampatti
© Andrea Zampatti

2. Must Have Three-Putted taken by Douglas Croft

Highly Commended “Must Have Three-Putted” By Douglas Croft
© Douglas Croft

3. The Three Musketeers taken by Tibor Kercz

Overall Winner 2017 “Help” And Winner Of Amazing Internet Portfolio Prize Tibor Kerccz For His Sequence Of 4 Owl Images
© Tibor Kercz

4. The Church Goers taken by Carl Henry

Highly Commended “All Dressed And Ready For Church” By Carl Henry
© Carl Henry

5. Caught In The Act taken by Bence Mate

Highly Commended “Caught In The Act” By Bence Mate
© Bence Mate

6. Rider And Friend taken by Katy Laveck Foster

Highly Commended “Monkey-Escape” By Katy Laveck-Foster
© Katy Laveck-Foster

7. Right Of Way taken by Troy Mance

Winner Of The Padi Under The Sea Category “Slap” By Troy Mayne
© Troy Mayne

8. On The Throne taken by Jean Jacques Alcalay

Highly Commended “Animal Encounters” By Jean Jacques Alcalay
© Jean Jacques Alcalay

9. Jet Speed taken by John Threlfall

Winner Of The Kenya Airways In The Air Category “Duck Speed” By John Threlfall
© John Threlfall

10. More Than Enough taken by Olivier Colle

Highly Commended “Eh What’s Up Doc?” By Olivier Colle
© Olivier Colle

11. O Happy Day taken by Penny Palmer

Highly Commended “Cheering-Sea-Otter” By Penny Palmer
© Penny Palmer

12. Over Here Mum taken by Daisy Gilardini

Highly Commended “Hitching A Ride” By Daisy Gilardini
© Daisy Gilardini

13. What The Hell taken by George Cathcart

Highly Commended “Wtf” By George Cathcart
© George Cathcart

14. OMG taken by Daniel Trim

Highly Commended “Mudskippers Got Talent” By Daniel Trim
© Daniel Trim



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