20 Times We Took A Chill Pill For Mother Nature

Nature Been Really Crazy And Fascinating

Everyone knows when nature strikes it leaves its trail. From Volcanoes to Hurricane, Landslide and Heat Waves. Well most time man is the victim as well as the culprit our contribution to warming the earth and far from green technology that hold sway around the world also brought us thus far.

But some time it is no fault of ours that Nature just want to lord or simply have its way. These twenty photos proves just that.

In no particular order, here are twenty times Nature decided to screw us all and prove to us that it is the master of the game.


 Frozen Waterfall

© Palpat1ne/Pikabu

The End Is Near People

Hell No You Are Not Getting In Today

© Zega/Pikabu

The Harvest Truly is Plenty And The Laborers Are Few

© KRua/Pikabu

Snow You Came Too Close

© Xingua92/Reddit

Yeah I Can Have My Own Island Nation

© Palpat1ne/Pikabu

A Blend Of Alaska Snow And Algerian Desert

© Ground55/Pikabu

A Very Precise Storm

© Enfantterrrible/Pikabu

Snow Fell In Ohio But For A Selected Thin Line

© Elementalillness/Reddit

Greetings Neighbor

© epicmoe/Reddit

A Rainbow Within A Rainbow

© zacharyem/Reddit

Thank You Hurricane Matthew We Really Noticed You

© thisisnotmyfault/Imgur

The Super Dome Moved To Australia

© khemfrov/Pikabu

Please Don’t Eat Me Up Like I Care

© holykash/Pikabu

Snow Tree Funny Nature

Snow Tree Funny Nature

Before Steve Jobs I Was

© gnom22/Pikabu

Go On And Wipe The Cloud Mother Nature

© Hellholder/Reddit

Shower In The Office How Grand

© age104/Reddit

There is Love In Sharing

Love Is Everywhere Funny Nature Animal

We’ve Been Invaded People

© Mymbaka/Pikabu


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