Here Are 10 Badass “VanLifers” Everyone Is Following Except You

How come it took this long for you to follow them?

In the mid 19th century wagons  aka vans where used to transport goods .. welcome to 2017 their now use as a way of commuting from one exotic locations to another, and that would be from the snow capped mountains of the French alps to breath taking fjords of Norway; and then jaw dropping sights of endless panoramas.

Don’t take our word for it see for yourself the stunning jobs these 10 awesome bunch have made for themselves touring the world in a movable caravan as it turns out.



The  privilege of enjoying the wild beauty of Arizona in a sprinter van is enough reasons for the massive follower-ship this family of three (and a dog) enjoy. Currently moving across America with hopes of visiting Canada means you have to follow them to see the breathtaking photos they dish out on Instagram.


# Roamingwithrob

These love-birds have done an awesome job criss-crossing the Australian outback and their Instagram photo feed says it all.


# idletheorybus

Dare to go where the idletheorybus have gone? well that’s all the states of America, not a surprise you see the jaw dropping pictures on Instagram with 154k followers actively engaging with their photo stories. 



# Summerofseventyfive

They Call it travel in a Kombi, we say it’s another way to see Australia in all its glory. The family of four has nailed it; perfectly reaching a comfortable 21k and counting followers on IG.


# Mnmlmillennials

What better way to see North America than throw the eyes of this cute couple.


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