Jaw Dropping Photos Of This Year’s Epson International Pano Awards Revealed

From the allure of Tuscany to the misty mountains of China, relax and savor this stunning Photos

The judges did a fine job selecting the best as this was no ordinary task and as you may guess, more than 1000 photographers from around the world participated with Jesus M Garcia from Spain emerging the best photographer.


Sun rise over Damian Shan in China

© Jesus M. Garcia

Amateur Award Winner. Nature / Landscape, photographed on Lake Windamere in NSW, Australia.

© Ray Jennings

The Glass Castle Moscow Russia.

© Ivan Turukhano

Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia

© Daniel Fleischhacker

Downtown Dubai

© Sebastian Tontsch

Environment / Architecture, Toledo City, Spain

© Jesus M. Garcia

 Foggy pine grove in Boeun, South Korea

© Nate Merz

Essex coastline in the United Kingdom

© Darren Moore


© Wojciech Kruczynski

Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

© Adam Gibbs

Zumaia Spain

© Juan Pablo de Miguel

Open Nature / Landscapes, China

© Cedar Kraus

Devon England

© Neil Burnell

Tellaro La Spezia Italy

© Paolo Lazzarotti

Death Valley National Park California

© Peter Coskun

Shanghai China

© Javier de la Torre

The erupting Calbuco Volcano Chile

© Francisco Negroni

Eltz Castle Wierschem, Germany

© Moritz Esser

Dettifoss, Iceland

© Dustin Lefevre

Highest Scoring Stitched Image and Top Ten, Open Nature / Landscapes, California.

© Luca Benini

San Francisco, USA

© Matteo Colombo

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Arizona USA

© Frederic Huber

Lagazuoi Mount, Northern Italy

© Isabella Tabacchi

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