This ‘Chimera’ Kitten Is Probably The Cutest Accident That Ever Stumbled On Nature

Hello! people, there’s a new “two-face” in town! Her name is Quimera, a gorgeous gata from Argentina whose unusual features are taking the internet by storm.

Quimera may be what’s known as a Genetic chimera. This is a rare condition where an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. These eggs then fuse together to become a single organism or an individual, with a DNA that shares features from two completely different individuals.

She is also what you might term a mosaic, which is more common among felines (female cats). A case where an individual’s eggs happen to possess different active genetic expressions in its cells

However the case, Quimera is simply gorgeous! Her blue eye especially appears like some kind of precious stone, bright and beautiful and a sharp contrast to her other eye. The colour split continues down her chest to her front legs, with the sides reversed.

Quimera has suddenly become the toast of social media since she hit the internet and has built up quite a following on Instagram, with about 36000 followers under her belt. Her page is updated regularly as she goes about her cute innocent life, unbeknownst of the fame, her rare disorder is bringing her and unique appeal to cat lovers around the world. Below are some beautiful photo shots of her.





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