This Is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick You

Did you know that giving your dog a kiss on the lips could be deadly? Yes!, it could!.

It’s common to see people kissing their dogs, and their dogs innocently reciprocating with a big wet lick to their faces, as some form of display of affection. But in reality, these seemingly harmless gestures could indeed be very dangerous.

It is a total myth that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than that of humans

Author and dog expert Marty Becker puts it quite well when he says:

“All you have to do is look, watch, smell and you’ll realize that is not true.

They raid the garbage can. You know, we give each other a peck on the cheek when we say hello, they give each other a peck on the rear end.”

A professor of virology and bacteriology from the Queen Mary University in London, John Oxford, explains further on just how much bacteria your dog’s muzzle and mouth can carry.

“It is not just what is carried in saliva. Dogs spend half their life with their noses in nasty corners or hovering over dog droppings so their muzzles are full of bacteria, viruses and germs of all sorts.”

The harsh reality thus is, your dog’s mouth is awfully disgusting and a breeding ground to a host of all kinds of dangerous bacteria and parasites.

Below are just four kinds of diseases you can contract from letting a dog kiss or lick you.

Ringworm infection:

A ringworm infection is one of the easiest diseases to contact from your dog. You can come in contact with it from simple acts of smooching. And if this bacteria is around the mouth region, you can easily contact it through kissing. That is why it is advisable to take your dog for regular checks at the vet to forestall and treat this dreadful bacteria.

god lick

 Capnocytophaga Canimorsus:

This is a fastidious, slow-growing bacterium in the canine of dogs. Transmission can occur through bites or licks and is known to cause severe illnesses in people.

Image result for Capnocytophaga Canimorsus:



MRSA infection in humans can be caused by as little as one “harmless” lick from your dog. This infection is very disgusting, as you can see in the picture below, and equally very dangerous. Dogs can carry around this bacteria for long periods of time, although with very little effect to their own health, but when it’s owner comes in contact with it, the result could be of great adverse effect. Transmission is also very fast.

god lick

Staphylococcus Aureus:

Staphylococcus aureus is quite similar to MRSA although not as resistant to treatment. Mode of transmission is the same. It is contacted through a lick or a kiss from a dog.

Image result for MRSA

It is normal to want to show love and affection to your dog, but then, would you want to do so at the expense of your health and even grave risk to your life?. There are other ways to display affection to your pet dog, but please, kissing and licking is certainly not one of them.

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